Shawna Kaminski & “Menopause Molecules”? [My Bikini Belly Review]

My Bikini Belly

Getting in shape – and staying fit is challenging.  It typically requires making exercise an integral part of your lifestyle.  For many of us couch potatoes, that can be a pretty huge order.

Lucky however a woman named Shawna Kaminski has come out with a new fitness program called My Bikini Belly which claims that burning fat and losing weight may be as simple as simple turning off your “Menopause Molecules”!

But what are Menopause Molecules? I had certainly never heard of a Menopause Molecule before checking out this Bikini Belly program and wasn’t sure what to think…

Studies show that people who try to put in 20 to 30 minutes of exercise three to four times a week are likely to be more successful than those who resolve to stay in the gym an entire morning every single day grappling with a difficult, intricate, back-breaking exercise program.  The latter are bound to drop out of the program.

Shawna’s program is comprised of 3 main workouts:

#1 – The Bikini Belly FLUSH

Which is designed to begin to melt away your excess belly flab in just 24 hours by turning OFF these “Menopause Molecules”…

#2 – The Bikini Belly BURN

Which turns ON what Shawna calls your ‘Lean Belly Hormone’, which apparently works to begin stripping away more of your stubborn belly fat while at the same time toning up that tummy of yours.

And finally…

#3 – The Bikini Belly BLAST

Which totally cranks up your body’s natural metabolism thereby allowing for 24/7 fat burning to take place (even when you are sleeping!)

Anyhow, after thoroughly reviewing this program I have to say that there does seem to be a great deal of research and science backing up what Shawna has to say.

That being said all of the individuals that I have personally spoken with who have managed to maintain a successful of personal fitness programs say that consistency is important. So whatever workout plan you choose remember – you need to be consistent!

And for you to be consistent, your regimen has to be realistic and doable. Which this program appears to be.

Do not reach for perfection or improbable goals that you cannot achieve. Start small and work from there.  For example, do not fuss if you cannot join a 5K at this time.  Be content with taking 20 minute walks every day.  If you do this on a regular basis, you will notice that you will soon be able to walk far longer, or faster, or with more intensity.  Adjust time, tempo, or distance to accommodate improvements. Just make sure that you walk regularly. Before you know, you will be able to make it to the 5K.

In conclusion – and getting back to the subject of this review I think that this is a realistic way for women to get into shape and I definitely recommend checking out Shawna’s program.

It also comes with 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – so you can rest easy that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Here’s the Link to Get My Bikini Belly Now

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